On 31st August 2019 we will br proud to partner the community pioneers at Largs Co-op to host the STV Big Scottish Breakfast Appeal at the Green Shutters Bistro, 28 Bath Street Largs. STV are so excited they are sending a camera crew.

STV Big Scottish Breakfast Appeal.

What is it?

Every year Scottish Television, STV, organise an appeal to help Scottish children living in poverty. The funds go to help children who go school hungry or without proper nutrition at breakfast, who will struggle to concentrate and fall further behind their peers. It does not take a great leap of imagination to see that this can have a severe impact on their future prospects. That can lead to a cycle of want that is hard to break.

The shocking thing is that according to the Scottish Government’s own figures, as many as one in four kids are living in poverty right now. One in four! That is over 220,000 children in 21st Century Scotland.

The appeal has already helped thousands of children to get a decent start to the day. The results may be difficult to measure but we are talking about a basic human need here. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Why Are We Doing This?

How can we not? When I was approached to host the event I wondered what I was letting myself in for, but it was immediately obvious that I could not say no. We are a business that is based at the heart of a community, we serve that community and I really like to think that we are part of that community. We live locally, our customers are largely locals and so are our staff.

Largs may appear affluent, it may be affluent but sadly there are kids in Largs who are going hungry. This is not someone else’s problem, it is yours and mine. Our future neighbours, carers, fellow humans are at risk. The reasons are complex and varied, there may not be any straightforward answers. There are lots of things that are beyond the control or even understanding of most of us, but breakfast is not one of them. I did some digging and it was obvious right away that by helping with this appeal we could make a difference right on our doorstep.

What Are We Going to Do About It?

The Breakfast appeal started out as a fairly simple concept. The Co-op provide sponsorship and food. We at the Green Shutters prepare and serve it, simple nutritious breakfasts for very little money. All the money raised would go directly to the appeal. Simple. Pancakes, Waffles or porridge, all served with berries and some syrup. This could be washed down with tea, coffee or some juice, easy. The cost to the public will be £3.50 per person, all of it going directly to the STV Breakfast Appeal fund.

Then it started to grow! Everyone the appeal touched wanted to help, immediately and without persuasion. This is clearly a matter close to many hearts. The Largs Boys Brigade Pipe Band will be coming along. The custodians of the Skelmorlie Secret Bunker offered use of a gazebo to serve breakfast street food style. Drew Cochrane offered to compare the proceedings, local businesses offered assistance, prizes and practical help. ( a full list will follow.) Tunnock’s donated Snowballs and Teacakes. Warburton’s donated bakery goods. Les Ward and David Ennis will be providing a magic show and balloon modelling (not necessarily in that order) Local singer Kirsty McKinnon will be performing with Nitro Dance Troupe. Jane Dawson will be reading tarot and there will be a “Git Up Challenge at High noon.

(See Blanco Brown on YouTube if you don’t know what it is either.) It will be fun though.

There will be a human fruit machine, possibly for the first time in human history but certainly not the last. Intrigued? Come and find out what it is all about. There will also be face painting by a certified, fully trained make up artist, no half measures here! The donations from local businesses will be raffled off or placed in a tombola.

The event and charity appeal breakfast will start from 9am on 31Aug19. STV are sending a camera crew from 10am so who knows which celebrities will tag along for a pancake by the seaside? We will be open as usual for breakfast, tea / coffee cakes etc from 8am. I hope the weather will be on our side to make the most of the outdoor space, but with all the positive vibes around how could it not be great?

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